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Park produces “Pre-Engineered” fiberglass water tanks and environmental products for the water industry. Break Tanks manufactured by Park Equipment Company are constructed in accordance with American Welding Society Specifications, AISC, NFPA, Uniform Building Code, and are City Approved. Park Break Tanks are designed and fabricated to specific project specifications and size requirements.

Park commercial / industrial FRP tanks have high grade vinylester tank liner, and Park residential fiberglass water tanks have high seamless, one-piece ABS tank liner. Blow molded ABS shell promotes superior adhesion to filament wound outer laminate. For all Park FRP tanks, fiber-free inner surface suitable for all standard water treatment applications, including de-ionization and offers wide chemical resistance; not adversely affected by regenerating chemicals (acid-caustic) or DI water. Strong, filament wound outer laminate of Park FRP tanks have continuous stands of fiberglass reinforced with high strength epoxy resin, and they are rustproof and corrosion-resistant. Precision injection-molded threaded tank openings, Filament wound fiberglass flanged top and bottom openings full coupling, threaded dome and side hole options are available. These tank openings also accommodate all industry standard valves and fittings. Maximum operating pressure of Park Commercial / Industrial Tanks is 150 PSI (10.2 BAR), and maximum operating temperature is 120°F (49°C).