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Wastewater treatment and water purification equipment for all markets

The new century presents new technical and economic demands upon water treatment engineers for water treatment, wastewater treatment and water purification. Aqva Safe Vision continuously searches for better answers for its clients. The wide array and complexity of water problems require new skills and multi-discipline expertise to achieve the best results. Aqva Safe Vision serves a variety of clients' needs with water treatment and water purification equipment, each with specific goals, and Pure Aqua has drawn upon its extensive range application experiences to optimize and innovate design solutions.

Aqva Safe Vision. offers a wide variety of water treatment, wastewater treatment and water purification equipment and services to clients around the world. We serve all markets that use the following:

Membrane Processes

  • Seawater desalination with energy recovery systems
  • Brackish water Reverse Osmosis
  • High brackish water reverse osmosis
  • Nanofiltration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Double Pass Reverse Osmosis (Two Pass RO)

    Membrane Pretreatment and Post treatment
    • Antiscalant feed system
    • Disinfection feed system
    • Filtration (Multi media, Iron removal, activated carbon)
    • Coagulation feed system
    • Filter air scouring blowers
    • Automatic backwash filter screen
    • Ion Exchange Softener to replace the Antiscalant
    • Dechlorination feed system
    • Pre and Post treatment pH adjustment
    • Clarification equipment
    • Ultraviolet Sterilization
    • Ozonator
    • Cartridge filtration with different micron ratings
    • Degasifier towers

    Ion Exchange Systems

    • Two bed Cation and Anion Exchangers
    • Mixed Bed Exchangers
    • Electrodeionization
    • Condensate Polishers
    • Degasifier towers
    • Acid feed systems and Caustic feed systems for Cation and Anion resin regeneration
    • Neutralization of regeneration waste

    Water Purification Systems

    • Pure water for bottling
    • Pure water for semiconductors
    • Pure water for pharmaceutical

    Wastewater Treatment and Recycling

    • Reverse Osmosis systems
    • Nanofiltration systems
    • Ultrafiltration systems
    • Membrane Bioreactors
    • Filtration systems
    • Tertiary Filtration
    • Disinfection systems
    • Chemical feed systems