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UV Sterilizers

Aqva Safe Vision uv sterilizers   utilize germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produce short wave radiation lethal to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water.

Ultraviolet water treatment purification is a unique and rapid method of water disinfection without the use of heat or chemicals.

Through the years ultraviolet technology has become well established as a method of choice for effective and economical water disinfection.

Aqva Safe Vision Ultraviolet Water Treatment Purifiers are the ideal solution for an ever growing range of water treatment applications. We provide UV water treatment systems from well known brands like Sterilite and R-Can.


Virtually all microorganisms are susceptible to Pure Aqua ultraviolet disinfection.


Hundreds of gallons are purified for each penny of operating cost.


No danger of overdosing, no addition of chemicals.


Water is ready for use as soon as it leaves the purifier – no further contact time required.


Simple installation and maintenance. Compact units require minimum space.


Provides continuous or intermittent disinfection without special attention or measurement.

Chemical Free

No chlorine taste or corrosion problems.