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In addition to the full line of high pressure & low pressure vessels from Protec and Codeline, Aqua safe vision offers its own brand of 4” diameter pressure vessels in stainless steel (SS) and fiberglass (FRP).

Aqua safe vision brand 4” diameter FRP vessels are available to house 1, 2 or 3 (4”x40”) membrane elements. 4” diameter SS vessels are made for 4021, 4040 and (2) 4040 element configurations.

Aqua safe vision pressure vessels are designed to provide safe operation over a long service life if properly installed, operated, and maintained. The vessel may cause loss of life, severe bodily harm, or property damage if not correctly installed, operated, or maintained. Read and understand all guidelines provided in the pressure vessel User Guide. Observe every precaution contained therein. Failure to do so may result in malfunction and potential catastrophic failure. Qualified technicians experienced in servicing hydraulic systems should be used to work with this vessel. Misuse, incorrect assembly, or use of damaged/corroded components may result in catastrophic failure.